Dredging & Dredging Support:


Ø Clamshell Dredging

Ø Hydraulic Dredging

Ø Hopper Dredging

Ø Beach Replenishment

Ø Pipeline & Surf work

Ø Ocean and Upland disposal

Marine Salvage and Wreck Removal:


Ø Emergency Salvage Towing

Ø Un-strandings

Ø Wreck Removals

Ø Marine Demolition

Ø Emergency Lightering/Cargo Offload

Ø Wet and Dry Salvage

Ø Harbor clearance

Ø Post-disaster debris removal

Marine Transportation & Marine Logistics:


Ø Tug and barge transportation

Ø Inland, Coastwise and Ocean

Ø Point to point Towing

Ø Tandem towing

Ø Pipeline towing

Ø Bulk commodities

Ø Specialized cargos

Ø Oversized and Heavy Lift Cargo

Marine Construction & Support:


Ø Pile driving

Ø Bulkhead Installation

Ø Subsurface structure Repairs

Ø Marine Construction Support services for major infrastructure projects (bridges, tunnels, etc.)

Miscellaneous Services:


Ø Stevedoring of bulk cargos

Ø Heavy-Lift Services

Ø General Crane services

Ø Diving

Ø Ship Repair

Ø Ship Husbanding

Special Projects:


Ø Development and implementation of marine transportation systems

Ø Marine RO/RO Operations

Ø Marine LO/LO Operations

Ø Marine FLO/FLO Operations

Ø Space Capsule Ocean Recoveries

Ø Artificial Reef Deployments

Ø Installation and Removal of offshore mooring systems

Ø Ocean Buoy Deployments