Floating Assets:


Ø A tug fleet ranging from 500-7200 HP (7 to 72 ton Bollard Pull)

Ø Specialized multi-purpose vessels for dredging/ construction/salvage support and special projects

Ø Specialized high speed rescue/salvage craft with deployable RHIB

Ø Small shallow water landing craft

Ø Crew Boats

Ø Various deck barges

Ø Derrick barges

Ø 600-ton Stiff Leg Heavy-Lift rig

Ø Specialized anchor barges

Land Based assets / Salvage Depot:


Ø Forklifts

Ø Fork Trucks

Ø 80 ton Hydraulic All Terrain Crane

Ø 30 ton Hydraulic Rough Terrain Crane

Ø High volume self-contained Dewatering pumps

Ø Self-contained Firefighting pumps

Ø Complete sets of Beach Gear

Ø Linear Hydraulic Pullers

Ø Ground tackle

Ø Hydraulic Power Packs

Ø Generator Sets

Ø Air Compressors

Ø Welding Machines

Ø Dive Gear

Ø Fuel Bowsers

Ø Burning Gear

Ø Turn Out Gear/Bunker Gear

Additional Vessel Assets on Ready Call-Out from Partnering Companies:


Ø Dredgers

Ø Deck Barges

Ø Hopper Barges

Ø Spud Barges

Ø Dump Scows

Ø Ocean Service Barges

Ø Derrick barges 

Ø Heavy Lift Rigs

Ø Offshore Supply Vessels

Ø Quartering Vessels


Ø DP vessels